Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

It is the responsibility of the establishment to monitor their MSDS program.
If not properly handled, an establishment can be fined by state and federal agencies.

The establishment will need make sure procedures are developed to obtain the necessary MSDSs and will review incoming MSDSs for new or significant health and safety information.  The establishment will see that any new information is passed on to affected employees. Your Hospitality Solutions can help you with this safety program.

Copies of MSDSs for all hazardous chemicals in use are required to be kept at the establishment. MSDSs will be available to all employees during each work shift. We can help get your Material Safety Data Sheets in order, creating a safe environment for your employees to work in.

Your Hospitality Solutions has a customizable turn key system that handles MSDS
and many other common establishment situations.

General Instructions
Management Safety and Health Policy Statement
Disciplinary Policy
Employee Orientation Checklist – Safety
Employee Responsibility
Personal Work Rules
General Safety Rules
Cut Prevention Training
Burn Prevention Training

Slip and Fall Prevention Training
Electrical Hazard Prevention Training
First Aid Training, Kits and Poster
Procedure for Injury or Illness on the Job
Safety Bulletin Board (with links to Posters)
Safety Committee
Sample Safety Committee Meeting Form
Crew/leader Meetings

Sample Crew/leader Meeting Form
OSHA Recordkeeping Information
Supervisor’s Incident Investigation Form
Employees Report of Injury Form
Hazard Communication Program
Sample Hazard Communication Program
Employee Orientation Checklist – Hazardous Substances
Hazard Communication Checklist