Legal – Expert Witness

At Your Hospitality Solutions, we render our services on an hourly basis include all time spent on behalf of the Client by the Expert/Consultant.

These services include (but are not limited to) Client Consultations, conferences, reading reviewing and organizing documents, site visits, research, writing and preparing reports, preparation time and consultation time at meetings, depositions, and trial.

Services will be descriptively itemized as to date, activity, billable time and rate.

Expert Witness and Consultant Services $350/hour

Deposition or Trial Testimony by Your Hospitality Solutions is charged on half-day or full day rates.
Half-Day Rate: Testimony/Consulting/Site Visits – up to 4 hours $1,600.00
Full-Day Rate: Testimony exceeding 4 hours but not greater than 8 hours $3,200.00

A reimbursable expense greater than $100.00 will require prior Client approval.
RETAINER: $1500.00 is expected prior to beginning a new case.